Sarah Louise - Ripple (The Avant Ghetto DJ Premium @WFMU Fundraiser 2016)

Sarah Louise
Ripple (The Avant Ghetto DJ Premium @WFMU Fundraiser 2016)

Sarah Louise - Ripple (The Avant Ghetto DJ Premium @WFMU Fundraiser 2016)

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The world’s best freeform radio station, WFMU, is in the midst of their annual fundraiser to keep the boat afloat. During the month of March all listeners are asked to pledge what they can. Every DJ at WFMU has created a one-of-a-kind compilation as a premium for those giving $75 or more. Donor’s choice as to the complilation you want! In other words, more of why you already love WFMU!

Jeff Conklin, who does The Avant Ghetto show every Monday, created a special gift for his premium: a compilation of contemporary guitarists covering songs by the legendary Grateful Dead.

To get you hooked, I’m happy to present the contribution of Sarah Louise, an accomplished Asheville, NC-based guitarist and music teacher. Sarah transformed the already sweet hippie folk of the Dead's "Ripple" into a wonderful mountain hymn.

Here is what Sarah Louise said about her contribution

I was very lucky to attend a middle school that emphasized social justice and natural stewardship (alright, it was a "hippie" school) where we started our days singing songs like "Ripple" and "Friend of the Devil." That was my first exposure to the Grateful Dead, so those songs are particularly sentimental to me. I'll never forget the stacks of Grateful Dead bootlegs one of my teachers there had. He was probably my first example of a super fan digging for musical gems that weren't available commercially. The Grateful Dead encouraged fans to record their live shows and swap tapes, which created a powerful anti-corporate sub-culture. WFMU, of course, also champions musical gems that you simply wouldn't hear on corporate radio. By playing music without regard for what might sell, shows like Jeff's are a vital service for musicians and listeners alike. When you start to think of it that way, contributing to WFMU and other non-commercial radio stations starts to feel like a necessary - even radical - community-oriented act.

Pledge 75 USD to Jeff Conklin's show The Avant Ghetto and you'll receive the compilation "Songs to Fill the Air" with The Greatful Dead cover versions by guitar greats like William Tyler, Meg Baird, Anthony Pasquarosa, Jon Collin and many more.

You can get an insider’s glimpse of the complilation by listening to his last two show on the archives (1,2) (another reason why WFMU is so great all shows stay available)

Here is the full playlist:

  1. Bird Song – Lake Mary (Colorado)
  2. High Time – Itasca (Los Angeles)
  3. old Rain and Snow – Chris Forsyth and the Solar-Motel-Band (Philadelphia/Brooklyn)
  4. Attics of My Life – William Tyler (Nashville)
  5. Beat it on Down the Line – Wooden Wand (Kentucky)
  6. Mountains of the Moon – PG Six (Hudson, NY)
  7. Ripple – Sarah Louise (North Carolina)
  8. To Lay Me Down – Meg Baird (San Francisco)
  9. Lady with a Fan – Anthony Pasquarosa (Western Massachusetts)
  10. Love Scene / St. Stephen – Jon Collin (England)
  11. Black Peter – Matt Valentine (Vermont)
  12. Jack Straw – Ignatz (Belgium)

Seriously! Cancel your Sportify subscription, donate the money to WFMU and tune in for the best free form radio you’ll ever hear.

And while I have your attention: Sarah Louise is releasing an album of solo acoustic guitar music on the great VDSQ label. Mark the month of May 2016 in your calendar to check her facebook for the release. In the meantime, switch over to her bandcamp and get a copy of her latest album "Field Guide".

Still here? Read the interview I did with her and hear some outtakes from "Field Guide".

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