dfbm #76 - Morning Raga Pt. V

dfbm #76
Morning Raga Pt. V

dfbm #76 - Morning Raga Pt. V

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Welcome to this new Morning Jam. Expect some guitar magic embedded in full band settings, but also good old solo explorations.

Slowly the fall is creeping in here in the mountains. I think this mix is a nice soundtrack to this time of year. I would probably say the same in spring or in the winter, but no, there are traces of the summer in here - listen yourself.

This mix opens with James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg from their 2011 release Avos. There is something new coming up on Paradise of Bachelors and you already know that you need this, right?

Originally I planned to put some field recordings by Matthew Mullane on here, but they were all pretty harsh and kind of out of context, so it's just his beautiful guitar work on his latest VDQS release.

M.Mucci has a new release coming up as well, Tyler Higgins is new on Scissor Tails Recordings and Jon Collins has build new wooden boxes for his new releases. Much more on here that I don't need to describe.

Enjoy this Morning Jam.

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  1. James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg Hospitality Avos 2011 amazon
  2. Matthew Mullane Knife, Hut and Thatch Hut Variations 2014 web
  3. M. Mucci Basta Cornuto! Don't Be Afraid 2015 web
  4. Jon Collin Wrong Moves 1 Wrong Moves/Dream Recall 2015 web
  5. Chris Rainier Astaragaza Man And The Echo 2014 web
  6. Yadayn Raam Pendel 2015 web
  7. Voice Of The Seven Woods Valley Of The Rocks Voice Of The Seven Woods 2007 amazon
  8. Nesta Kerin Crain Gongs in the Rain I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990 2013, 2013 amazon
  9. Scott Witte Summer Storm Sailors Dream 1980 web
  10. Peter Walker Camel Ride Long Lost Tapes 1970 2009 amazon
  11. Scott William Urquhart Rosie's Smile Rosie's Smile e.p 2015 web
  12. Currituck Co. Medley: John Hurt Shiva Shankarah I Am The Resurrection: A Tribute To John Fahey 2007 amazon
  13. Magnus Dewi The city is quiet at night but my head's still twirling Demos 2014 web
  14. Tyler Higgins Parking Lot Lonely and Blue 2015 web
  15. Happy Depression When the German and the Turk get going 12 Strings, 1981 web
  16. William Tyler Oashpe Oahspe/Tennessee Blues 2012 web
  17. Brian John McBrearty Second Story Tune Things I Recall 2015 web
  18. Peter Wright Lavender Buzz An Angel Fell Where The Kestrels Hover 2009 web
  19. Jerry Hionis Cinema Show Jerry Hionis Plays Genesis 2015 web
  20. Charles Rumback/Ryley Walker Jam 2015 web
  21. Daniel Bachman, Ian McColm PANET Taman Shud 2012 web
  22. Toby Hay The Last Train From Rhayader Rhayader EP 2015 web
  23. Chris Rainier Fast Fourier Transform Man And The Echo 2014 web
  24. Andy Robbins Spirit Drift With Me Red Sun Lines 2009 web

PS: I just noticed the lazy kerning in the artwork. Sorry about that.

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