Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 2010 - A Collector's Guidebook

[DFBM] - Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 2010 - A Collector's Guidebook

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Genre: Dark haunting and isolated blues, singer-songwriter
Label: Dying For Bad Music

August seems to be a fruitful month, literally. I've put as much raspberries from the shrubs into my mouth as I could found. It's the best taste ever, full of sun.
And it's a similar pleasure to release great music by great artists. So this month we send an album by dronæment outside the door, and re-released the great Bitemarks EP by The Goner
And before this summer ends we will put out another great recording, by Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It will give you a glimpse of the next season. This is maybe the thorns of the raspberry shrubs.

So come one, come all! Here is Mr. & Mrs. Smith which both are Hollis Smith. A young lady backed with a guitar called T-Bup and living in a crooked house called The Wild Rose, playing alienated Blues.
It has the same dark and isolating feeling like her former records, but it's different, because it's her first conceptual work and there are more shades and shapes, with a nice twist when her friend play a song of Hollis just having the lyrics (Your World (My Friend))

Download here for free - MySpace

PS: find out more here and at Mr. & Mrs. Smith Bandcamp

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