Some Superfree Stuff IV - Dean Woods, Jason The Swamp

Some Superfree Stuff IV
Dean Woods, Jason The Swamp

Some Superfree Stuff IV - Dean Woods, Jason The Swamp

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Genre: Folktronica and Folk
Rack & Ruin
Similar Artists: Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear, Akron Family, Microphones

2 new releaes from the roster of the great Rack & Ruins netlabel.

Dean Woods (formerly Dean Angel) - Ahhhmend
This new Dean Woods release is similar to the first one (see here) - means you will find sometimes the same loops, but at all it's better produced and more song oriented.
Simple but effective peaceful music.
Ahhmens and Tonio are my faves
Download here and infos on Rack & Ruin website

Jason the Swamp - As Is the Sun
This is some great Indie/Homerecording Folk, similar to the artists mentioned above. It's just a direction, if you like them and if you like free music, try it. It's really well done!
Highly highly recommend!
The Label said:
Jason's trademark laid back fuzzy vibe is dusted off and appears once again (in full effect), although unlike his other releases, "As is The Sun" is definitely an album that could have easily been one track, and it is thirteen. The tracks flow effortlessly into one another, and in no time the 38 minutes have passed, and once again you are left amazed at how easy he makes this "music making" look.
"As Is The Sun" is also available to purchase on CD directly from Jason, and it has the added bonus of containing five extra tracks, so you can continue this gorgeous journey for a little while longer.
Download here and Infos here

Hope you enjoy! And thanks to the Label and Artists you are great!!!

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