Mixtape #3 - When The May Rain Comes

Mixtape #3
When The May Rain Comes

Mixtape #3 - When The May Rain Comes

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Genre: Psych Folk, Acoustic

The last days of may. This month always sucks personally. Bad season for broken hearts or too much work or any other bad things - because it would be nicer too feel the bloom. But everything will pass, and there is music helping a bit.
So here for your listening pleasure a mix with mostly acoustic/psych/folk stuff. Old an new mixed together. Tell me what you think!

  1. Current 93 - [Thunder Perfect Mind] When The May Rain Comes
  2. No One Conquered, Wyoming - [Vega] Golden Spools
  3. French Quarter - [French Quarter] Golden Heart
  4. Greg Ashley - [Medicine Fuck Dream] Mona Rider
  5. Sand - [Vulture I ] Burning House
  6. Parameter - [Galactic Ramble] Virgin Childe
  7. Satwa - [Satwa] Allegro Piradissimo
  8. Virgin Insanity - [Illusions of the Maintenance Man] Time Of Sorrows Gone Soon
  9. David Pajo - [Scream With Me] Where Eagles Dare
  10. Chauchat - [Cardboard Projectors] Odessa
  11. Gowns - [Gowns] Experts
  12. No One Conquered, Wyoming - [Vega] The Panda
  13. Sand - [Golem] May Rain


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