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Sam Moss – No Kingdom

Sam Moss – No Kingdom

2013 # americana, folk
Fall time is folk music time. The smell of damp leafes and the first fire in the stove (if you live that prehistoric like me) and the coffee cools down much faster. Sam Moss isn't unknown here. He took some classes at "Takoma School" bu …
Sam Moss - Interview

Sam Moss

Sam Moss is one of the new young guitarplayers who HAS been featured here a lot. He recently curated the awesome Imaginational Anthem Compilation and is on tour as part of the Howling Kettles String-Duo and release as a solo artist too. Time to ask s …
Sam Moss - Neighbors

Sam Moss

Sam Moss is a young string player from Brattleboro, Vermont. We featured him before, because he is part of a generation of talented, young folk musicans that need to be heard and supported. The range of Sam's musical expression goes from inst …
String Band - All Caps

String Band
All Caps

Old Time, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Folk The new year starts off with a blues by the String Band and as on the cover it's a grumpy and fearful view into the future. String Band is Sam Moss and Jackson Emmer playing old time blues songs on banj …
Sam Moss - Tree And Star: A Christmas Album For Solo Electrified Guitar

Sam Moss
Tree And Star: A Christmas Album For Solo Electrified Guitar

2011 # folk
Genre: Christmas guitar music To be honest, I am not into Christmas music and it scares me that Christmas eve is so near, because it means this year is going to end soon and blabla... So I appreciate Sam Moss as a very talented guitar player and …
Sam Moss - 2011 - Eight Constructions

Sam Moss
2011 - Eight Constructions

Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Appalachian Label: self While planning that William Tyler gig in my ex-hometown, I came across another great guitar player. Sam Moss from Boston, born in 1989 plays amazing finger style guitar. John Fahey, Delt …

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