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Christian Richer, The Haiduks, Kinnta Records - Interview

Christian Richer, The Haiduks, Kinnta Records

I asked Christian Richer of Kinnta Records a few question about his music projects and his label, tapes and the absence of release strategies and it seems we would be good friends if we were living closer to each other. At least we both flounder with …
Matt LeGroulx - Solo Guitar

Matt LeGroulx
Solo Guitar

The following review says it all and I'll just keep it lazy and post it here. What would it sound like if John Fahey played songs by Pavement, Deerhoof, Gordon Lightfoot and Ariel Pink? Well, something like this. Matt LeGroulx is mos …
Expwy - Bag of Waters

Bag of Waters

Quirky fuzz pop, with some sixties references and tons of reverb and e-organ, but without water down and drench the whole mix. Tons of surprises and good vibrations from Canada. Check out Cargo: Headstones …

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