MGMT - 2011 - Daytrotter Session

2011 - Daytrotter Session

MGMT - 2011 - Daytrotter Session

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Genre: neo-psych-pop/rock
Label: Columbia

First Daytrotter post this year concerns neo-psychedelic-hippies and hype victims MGMT, who released a more or less good album in the past year - depends on your opinion and expectations towards this band.
Nevertheless, the session contains 3 tracks from "Congratulations" (the first 2 danceable pop songs with 60s vibe "Song for Dan Treacy" and "It´s working" as well as the heartbreaking ballad "I found a whistle") and 1 amazing previously unreleased song.
Besides the constructed hype and all that "omg they´re so cute"- or alternatively even more critical stuff, it shows the indeed existing musical quality and abilities of MGMT, because of the session´s property of being more acoustic (of typical...) as well as the loss of the glitter factor and polished production.

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