Baldruin + Neugetre - 2010 - Split Tape

Baldruin + Neugetre
2010 - Split Tape

Baldruin + Neugetre - 2010 - Split Tape

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Genre: surreal, psych rituals + noise

This tape is related to these "New Weird Germanica" tagged posts. This "New Weird xxx" is over, I know.
But Germany have it's place in psychedelic music history.
I would not say the music on this tape is very german, beside of Baldruins songtitles, which reminds me on (Post-) Kosmische Musik like Tesendalo or Harmonia.
Baldruin recorded a handful of nice mystic sound tales. Psychedelic rituals in the evening, weird dreams.
Lot's of bells, flutes, light tribal drums, echoes and tones from nowhere.
Really well done and athmospheric.
As heavy counterpart, Neugetre present three longer noise pieces.
I am not that (harsh)noise listener. I like to make noise by my own, but I never played a recording by Merzbow and similar. It's a good experience to get a heavy blast of noise out of a big PA system, but on low level it doesn't make sense. So I can't say that much about Neugetre, I just skiped it. Sorry.

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You can buy a tape on Phantom Limbo Events or download it here


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