German Error Message - 2010 - To Carry Alongside

“To Carry Alongside”
by German Error Message
written and recorded 2009 – January 2010
Paul Kintzing / words, singing, instruments
Shelly Lites / singing on 2, 4, 5, 7, 11
Matthew Sigur / bass drum and singing on 4
Joan Perez / singing on 4

mastered by Sweet Now Mastering


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German Error Message
2010 - To Carry Alongside

German Error Message - 2010 - To Carry Alongside

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Genre: Indie Pop, LoFi Baroque Pop :)
Label: Self Release
If you like Jordaan Mason, Sarcastic Dharma Society

I find the bandname a bit strange. "Deutsche Fehlermeldung" - This could be the name of a 8-bit electrotrash combo. But instead it's wonderful indie pop. Very intimate, melancholic, beautiful. It reminds me a bit on Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museeum, without the yelling and violence, and a bit on Sarcastic Dharma Society. Maybe because German Error Message is connected to the Cllct community.
As I said, the recording is very intimate, it's like sitting next to the band, while they record their music. I love that feeling. That makes living recordings.

Listen to Oh, Excavator with the quirky shimmering piano tunes, the melancholic but strong Colossal Force, the chirps of mourningbird, and the droning and floating Unions and you will know what I mean.

Strongly recommended!

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