low - fye - 2009 - Pages

fye - 2009 - Pages

low - fye - 2009 - Pages

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Genre: Low-fye, Acoustic
I don't want to bring that Syd Barrett reference again ;-)

Again a bunch of his tiny little beautiful songs. Again each one is a pearl. Not longer than 2:30 minutes. And I think that's the point. It's the simplicity and the plain and straight work. Recording some songs from scratch, add some more tunes or sounds - done. Like colorized scribbles on a piece of paper. It sounds intimate and it's like visiting a good friend in his room and he play some songs for his own on an open window.
I should not write so much :), so if you like the previous posts of low - fye you need this for sure

  1. Introduced Tryst
  2. Meaning Nothing
  3. Blister
  4. Rolling
  5. A Short Walk Home
  6. The Final Cause
  7. Glow
  8. You're Here
  9. Off The Cuff
  10. I Say Again

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