Des Moines - Like Freshly Mown Grass

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des moines is Simone Romei: acoustic guitar and vocals
Egle Sommacal: mandolin
Emanuele Reverberi: violin
Samuele Riva: cello
Mali Yea: shruti box, tampura
Andrea Rovacchi: piano

Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi at Bunker Studio, Rubiera (RE), Italy
Mixed by Andrea Rovacchi
Produced by Egle Sommacal
Strings arrangements by Egle Sommacal
Mastering by Patrick Klem
Hand lettering by Andrea Romei
Artwork layout by Lisa Amerighi

(c)+(p) 2018, Simone Romei

Vinyl by diNotte Records
CD by We Work Records

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Des Moines
Like Freshly Mown Grass

Des Moines - Like Freshly Mown Grass

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"Like Freshly Mown Grass" by Italian singer-songwriter Simone Romei aka Des Moines is one of my favorite records in 2018. A wonderful album, filled with the most beautiful and saddest folk songs and superb solo acoustic guitar instrumentals.

The whole album is a homage to Romei's father, as you can tell by the artwork and the videos. Latter were cut from old super-8 footage, shot by his old man and his friends in the late sixties in an Italian small town.

As premiere, you can watch the video to "Wood Gathering" here, along with a few more.

Beside the beautiful melodies and Romei's soft voice, the string arrangements and the use of tambura and shruti box are adding a great deal to the magic of this album.

This record is highly recommended, and yes, I'm biased, because Simone Romei is a good friend who contributed some nice interviews to the blog.

"Like Freshly Mown Grass" is available on vinyl, cd and of course digital.

Produced by the Egle Sommacal.

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Des Moines is Simone Romei: acoustic guitar and vocals

Diego Bertani: electric guitar
Marco Parmiggiani: pedal steel guitar
Antonio Pollina: mouth organ, Indian harmonium, backing vocals
Andrea Rovacchi: Wurlitzer, piano, tambourine
Andrea Scarfone: bass guitar
Ivan Torelli: acoustic guitar
Ulisse Tramalloni: drums

Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi and Gabriele Riccioni at Bunker Studio, Rubiera (Italy)
Mix and mastering by Andrea Rovacchi
Artwork layout by Lisa Amerighi

In 2015 I recorded my first self-titled and self-produced album. It was conceived to be played in loneliness and it mostly was a guitar-and-vocals album. But in 2016, after its 50 copies private press release, I met some people who liked it. Few of them were longtime musician from my hometown and so I asked them to help me re-record some tunes I wrote. We played live in the studio and recorded on tape.

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