Kyle Fosburgh - One Night

Kyle Fosburgh
One Night

Kyle Fosburgh - One Night

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Kyle Fosburgh is the head behind the Grass-Tops Recording label, responsible for some great Robbie Basho reissues and musician himself. He just released his latest album "One Night" on CD and a vinyl and reel-to-reel edition is in the making.

Having his name connected with his extensive research and preservation of Robbie Bashos legacy might be blessing and curse at the same time since he puts himself into direct comparison to Basho. But Kyle Fosburgh is, in my humble optinion, next to Steffen Basho-Junghans an artist who is able to continue Robbie Basho's work and to push it further. Not only paying tribute, but also giving in his own voice.

Unlike Basho-Junghans, Fosburgh sings. With a less prominent voice than Basho, but as beautiful as him. It's even easier to receive on the first listen.

The opener "Fruit of Vine", "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" and "Variations on Rocky Mountain Raga" are variations of Robbie Basho songs, all other are traditionals or Fosburgh's own compositions.

My favorite track on the album is clearly "Into my Heart". It's really moving, his singing is beautiful, the guitar work alternates between exquisite picking and strumming and you can hear the ambience of the room.

Transparency seems to be important to Kyle, so he documents recording space, equipment and settings. It's a nice addon for gear nerds, but maybe takes a bit away from the mystic and emotional message. Probably not. But then there will be no Kyle Fosburgh reasearch in 50 years, because everything is documented and clear. I don't know. Kyle is a great musician and researcher. You should buy "One Night" and keep and eye on Grass-Tops-Recordings anyway, because of the coming Robbie Basho book, reissues and new artists he's going to release.

The original glass lantern slide used for the ‘One Night’ album cover, entitled “Big Camp at Night” by Walter McClintock (early 1900s). Slide hand painted by Charlotte M. Pinkerton in Chicago, IL. Coincidentally, Chicago is also where 'One Night’ was recorded. (source)

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