dfbm #69 - Beating the System

dfbm #69
Beating the System

dfbm #69 - Beating the System

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This new program is less revolutionary than the title might suggest, but I guess people like Charles Manson, Doc Corbin Dart from American HC legend the Cruzifucks and Vic Bondi out of Chicagos HC scene caused at least some cracks in the system. 

I collected all sorts of loner folks and singing outsiders, odd material from warped records, worn out tapes and contemporary lofi tunes, highly compressed into a digital format.

It's starting off with Craig Extine's extraordinaire voice and guitar playing. He is probably not well known from his former band The Old Haunts. If you like what you hear, track down all of their records!

One of You is an obscure home recording from former Czechoslovakia. The artist is now living in Canada and Little Axe Records released that. Caroline Wolf's private press from the 70ties is a similar obscure gem.

I came across Doc Corbin Dart, reading about private press records. His life story was really fascinating and sad. Collectors said his solo album Patricia is the most honest and saddest record (ever). For this mix I selected a pretty decent song from an obscure tape of his. I collected everything you need to know about 26 aka Doc Corbin Dart in a blog post I made a few weeks ago. Same goes for Vic Bondi who had a beef with Steve Albini. It was something about the HC scene in Chicago, I don't remember.

Marisa Anderson is well know for her excellent solo guitar instrumentals, but I dug out an early release, which goes well in this "obscure/private press" context. Holiday Motel is a CD from 2005, where she performs a bunch of really fun songs and sings. Great music to drive through the country.

Another nice and rare track on here is by Damon McMahon aka Amon Dunes. I really do not dig his work as Amen Dunes. I tried it several times, but it doesn't stick with me. But he released a solo album under his own name in 2006, Mansion (which you can get really cheap) that I really like. I think it came out after the break of his band Inouk and before he went to the cabin to record the first Amen Dunes songs.

The Ryley Walker song "On The Banks Of The Old Kishwaukee" is from his new album, but I've chosen the bootleg recording from a radio show, where he played just by himself. As good as Walker sounds with his band, it's really something to see and hear only him playing the guitar.

As always, I hope you enjoy, discover some new stuff and maybe leave a comment. I am sorry that I always come up with a 250MB bag of tracks. I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I wasn't sure where to tear it off. So I left it together.

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  1. Craig Extine ~ Fading on the Trail – (from Craig Extine, 2011) web
  2. Ghost Children of Calico ~ I'll Want You (Till the Day I Die) – (from Ghost Children of Calico, 2015) web
  3. One of You ~ Brainbroom – (from s/t, 2014) web
  4. Ben Collier ~ Hesitation Blues – (from Sour Oats, 2015) web
  5. Caroline Wolf ~ Beating the System – (from Wayside, 1972) web
  6. Aidan Coughlan ~ I Never Had a Rovin' Eye – (from Finn Found Findhorn, 2011) web
  7. Simon Joyner ~ Sonny – (from Grass, Branch & Bone, 2015) web
  8. James Blackshaw ~ Confetti – (from Summoning Suns, 2015, 2015) web
  9. Doc Corbin Dart ~ Caroline – (from Black Tuesday, 1991) web
  10. Anne Briggs & Bert Jansch ~ Go Your Way My Love – (from Acoustic Routes, 1993) amazon
  11. Ted Lucas ~ Baby Where You Are – (from Ted Lucas, 1975) amazon
  12. Tom Brosseau ~ Roll Along with Me – (from Perfect Abandon, 2015) web
  13. Jeremy Waun ~ The Horizon – (from Nu Metal Guru, 2013) web
  14. Virgin Insanity ~ Time Of Sorrows Gone Soon – (from Illusions Of The Maintenance Man, 1972) amazon
  15. Pig Rider ~ Ayleen May – (2015) amazon
  16. Dana Westover ~ Little Flame – (from Memorial To Fear, 1972) web
  17. Crystalline Roses ~ Queen Of Cups – (from Demos 2010-2011, 2011) amazon
  18. Johnny Flynn ~ Rambleaway – web
  19. C.Strøm ~ Sail Away – (from Letters From Earth, 2003) amazon
  20. Charles Manson ~ Bet You Think I Care – (from All The Way Alive, 2003) amazon
  21. Ryan Lee Crosby ~ It's Murder – (from Institution Blues, 2013) web
  22. Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders ~ American Trash – (from Where The Music Goes To Die, 2014) web
  23. Sad Simon ~ Almost dead – (from Songs, 2014) web
  24. Stephen Molyneux ~ An Oath to Beds We Lie Upon – (from The Shape of Clouds to Come, 2014) web
  25. Shep and Me ~ Black Hole – (from Cloudy Chowder, 2007) amazon
  26. Lonnie Holt ~ Overton Hanging – (from Twisted Tales 10 From The Vinyl Wastelands:Pancho Lopez Walks The Line, ) amazon
  27. Mr. & Mrs. Smith ~ Taxidermy – (from Taxidermy: Brought Back To Life, 2015) web
  28. Marisa Anderson ~ Ford Falcon – (from Holiday Motel, 2005) amazon
  29. Ryley Walker ~ On The Banks Of The Old Kishwaukee – (from WSUM 91.7 Madison Student Radio, 2015-01-18) amazon
  30. Michael Chapman ~ In The Valley – (from Window, 2015) amazon
  31. Thurston Moore ~ Tape – (from The Best Day, 2014) amazon
  32. Victor Florence ~ I Like Feeling Small – (from happy birthday!, 2014) web
  33. Aunt Sis ~ Isak At The Woods – (from 9 Tracks, 2014) web
  34. Damon McMahon ~ Sunday – (from Demo, 2009) amazon
  35. Vic Bondi ~ Jennifer – (from The Ghost Dance, 1993) amazon
  36. Mikah Sykes ~ For A Love My Grace – (from Love Consequences and Serenity, 2012) web
  37. Leveret ~ Little Dream Song – (from Action At A Distance, 2015) web
  38. Wes Tirey ~ Lovesick, Homesick, and Broke – (from Home Demos, 2013) web

Jeremy Waun

Doc Corbin Dart

Charles Manson

Vic Bondi

Caroline Wolf

C. Ström

Simon Joyner

Tom Brosseau

Anne Briggs & Bert Jansch

Ted Lucas

Virgin Insanity

Michael Chapman

Damon McMahonMr. and Mrs. Smith

Wes Tirey

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