The Done Wonders
s/t EP

The Done Wonders - s/t EP

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For some folks, Marshalltown in Iowa is synonym with the Land of Blood and Sunshine and the label Very Nice Dementia.

So I checked by their website and found out they changed the look and released some new stuff, like the pink colored 7" by The Done Wonders. That was the surprising part. The music itself was less surprising.
It's solid Garage Rock similar to Thee Oh Sees or whatever - there are a lot projects that play that reverb drenched proto-punk sound.
It's fun to listen to anyway.

Oh and I don't know what's more annoying - get my mailbox stuffed with boring music and extensive press kits (aka DPK) or find out myself what's happening and have no information like in this case.

I guess it's because I don't use Facebook. 

Order the 7" at Very Nice Dementia and support these guys!

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