2muchachos - forest is not what it seems

all music was made in period 2010-2012
vladimir karpov - keyboards, melodica, vox , perc, backs, programming
andra evseeva - keyboards, bass, vox, backs
dmitriy borodin - all guitars, pedal effects
* acoustic guitar (track #2) by mikhail pletnyov

all drawings by alena "striwi kri4at" lisenkina

"forest is not what it seems" LP it’s inspired by the forest. the forest remains a really important and special place. it’s never what it appears to be at first glance; the forest reflects our internal world. it’s embodies what you might call the atmosphere of our subconscious – a state that allows you both to perceive and analyze reality more accurately.

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forest is not what it seems

2muchachos - forest is not what it seems

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from Russia is a very prolific trio, producing wonderful organic ambient music. They developed some kind of trademark sound of light, clicking glitches that falls on you like rain, harmonium soundscapes like a warm summer wind and a reverberation like in an oak wood.

It's only natural that their latest album is about the wood.

This is wonderful relaxing ambient music and somehow you can hear their origin by slowed down and streched russian folklore tunes. But that's just my own reception.


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Polish Forest Photo by Ben Heine
Polish Forest Photo by Ben Heine

Photos found on Tumblr

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