Trance Farmer - Scooby Dooby

Trance Farmer
Scooby Dooby

Trance Farmer - Scooby Dooby

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Genre: Psych Sample Lo-Fi Pop Stoner Wave
Label: Glue Moon Records

This record laying around on my virtual desk for a while and found it's way into my virtual record player very often. Mostly because of the Betty Bop - Babe, Terror Remix banger. It's a sampled uptempo spacy Rock'n'Roll number with a fucking catchy hookline. This track breaks out between the other, mostly experimental chill tracks. Which are really nice nevertheless. Lot's of tiny sounds and great ideas. This is really fun to listen to and you always get back to these tracks, because it's exciting to discover all these sounds...

Can be ordered as tape on Glue Moon Records or downloaded for freee

And check at least Betty Bop!!!


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