Alligator Indian - beko 92

Alligator Indian
beko 92

Alligator Indian - beko 92

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Genre: Post-Punk-Lo-Fi-Noise
Label: beko dsl

Another great beko digital single release.
One band with 2 different sounding songs.

Side A is a quite noisy female-vocal-lo-fi-song, which reminds me a bit of Vivian or Dum Dum Girls (or even Best Coast, but less surf-lalala-pop-wise).

The other Side B is a noisy post-punk-hymn with male vocals (and female backing). "I remember Oswald" is very catchy and creeps deeply into your ears, mind and - of course - legs/feet (or at least makes you tap one´s knee).

direct download at beko

(7+9 : 2 makes 8/10)

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