Zachary Cale - Noise of Welcome

NOISE OF WELCOME is the third full length album by Zachary Cale. It was released May 17th, 2011 in the U.S on All Hands Electric and in Europe on Adagio 830 (Germany). It was recorded at The All Hands House on an 8 track tape machine by Ryan Johnson and Phil Glauberzon in 2009 - 2010.

Zachary Cale: Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Bass, Percussion
Phil Glauberzon: Piano, Organ, Guitar
Ryan Johnson: Drums, Percussion, Tape Op
Eric Eble: Upright Bass
Kris Benedict: Guitar, Vocals
Alfra Martini: Vocals

Chris Brokaw: Guitar
Aaron Gemmill: Lap Steel
Dave Shuford: Mandolin
Anna Callner: Cello
Anni Rossi: Viola

Mixed by Matt Boynton and Josh Clark



“Cale has steadily worked the light back into his music on Noise Of Welcome, the stark beauty of his earlier work succeeded by a set of shimmering songs delivered by a band, but still set to poetry like Dylan or Cohen. It’s ambitious, the way great music has to be, and Cale comes out of it as both accomplished soloist and band leader.” -THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“There’s no denying the liberation in making a record that sounds this full, and so full of purpose and promise.” -DUSTED MAGAZINE

“With fleet fingerpicking, languid ballads and country-tinged dust ups, Zachary Cale works along the folk rock divide recalling beloved troubadours like Michael Chapman, Bob Dylan and John and Beverly Martyn.” -WFMU

“…memorable as a favorite scene in a favorite movie and eternal as the sun. With Zach Cale what you get is what you feel; anything more or less would be illusory.” -TINY MIX TAPES

“Although steeped in acoustic Americana, Zachary Cale separates himself from the crowd with a rare balance between emotional depth and ankle-deep Kinks pop sensibilities.” -THE A.V. CLUB

“Cale has perfected a kind of avant-folk craziness that never sounds precious” -THE NASHVILLE SCENE

“Zachary Cale is one of those unassuming guys who, once heard, earns your undying loyalty.” -THE BROOKLYN PAPER

“Zachary Cale is a Brooklyn songwriter of uncommon power” -THE RAWK BLOG

"It’s music that makes you imagine – or recognize – time slipping by like rolling highway scenery. They are songs that ask you if you feel as if you’re actually living or if you’re just being worked or drained to the death. The songs remind us how great the cost is for nearly everything – the good or the bad – and the choice has to be made how you’re going to waste your time, who you’re going to waste it with.” -DAYTROTTER

“Zachary Cale’s music sticks to you like gritty, summer dust well past the first listen” -THE OWL MAG

“Noise Of Welcome is an understated collection of stunning, orchestral beauty.” -CAUGHT IN THE CAROUSEL

“[Zachary Cale] has that rare talent of being able to make you forget what else is going on around you and immerse yourself fully in the world he creates – superb.” -THE MAD MACKERAL

“The album (Noise of Welcome) retains Cale’s signature sound, which recalls Oh Mercy-era Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Finger-picked guitar and easygoing percussion provide the backdrop for Cale’s searching, subtly biting vocals. Yet this new album also shows exciting growth, with a broader vocal range and more experimental production.” -THE BEACON PASS

“Zachary’s hypnotic voice draws you into the stories he tells and the backing vocals add a kind of warmth to the album… Noise of Welcome brings the modern alternative folksy style into the past to meet its country predecessors.” -FLOCKED MEDIA

“This is a finely crafted album chalk full of melodies and poignantly beautiful moments.” -SEA OF TRANQUILITY

“Romantic woodsy lyrics accompanied by ardent Andy Cabic/Bob Dylan-esque vocals and fresh guitar.” -PASTE MAGAZINE

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Zachary Cale
Noise of Welcome

Zachary Cale - Noise of Welcome

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Folk
Label: All Hands Electric

We were recently thrilled by the announcement that Zach Cale got a new record ready. The release date is 17th May and he unveiled the whole thing for full stream on his bandcamp.
So after a few listens I think this album is just great and a good follower of his earlier work with Illuminations. I can't tell you why. It's his voice, the songwriting, the guitar.
Most remarkable are two moody instrumentals (Dead Channel Overture and Nocturne in G Minor) and the overall use of atmospheres and details in the background. It ranges from pure folk stuff to basic american rock themes, that would like your dad too.

"Zachary Cale is a songwriter's songwriter, as prolific as he is original. His voice can be delicate for love or wry for satire. The ability to hear what is in a song has guided him well in the making of his own." -John Allen (WFMU)

Anyway lots of bubbles... His tour starts soon, in mid May (US Tourdates 2011) and he comes to Europe in September - so keep your eyes peeled. Pre-order the record here and Adagio830 take care for the European edition of the album.

(Blake's Way is my favorite!)


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