The Wailing Wall - 2009 - Hospital Blossoms

The vibrant, multicultural dreamscape on The Low Hanging Fruit is a great departure from the rough, woodland edges of Hospital Blossoms. The Wailing Wall has expanded his instrumental palate, including the disparate choices of sitar, singing saw and pipe organ. Still, Jesse maintains his trademark attention to detail and a preoccupation with language.

“Throughout the ages, mystics have come up with some astoundingly beautiful ways to express things that are inherently beyond expression. I am in love with the poetry of the Bible, especially Psalms and Song of Songs, and have also been heavily influenced by St. John of the Cross, Rabindranath Tagore, Mirabai, and Rumi, among others.”

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The Wailing Wall
2009 - Hospital Blossoms

The Wailing Wall - 2009 - Hospital Blossoms

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Genre: Folk
Label: JDub Records

The Wailing Wall is New York-based multi-instrumentalist, Jesse Rifkin. This album is kind of conceptual. Starts and ends with Morning and in between you'll find different styles from sparse single drumming tracks (reminds me on The Microphones record with just the drums of The Glow), folk ballads, americana and influences from other world music.
Last year he released a new album called Low Hanging Fruits which have more world music influences.
[mp3] The Wailing Wall - 01 - Morning
[mp3] The Wailing Wall - 07 - Dear Mother
You can download Hospital Blossoms direct from here and an additional EP with demos here

Hope you'll enjoy

MySpace - Label Page with more Infos


Low Hanging Fruits at badcamp

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