Braden J & The Family - 2010 - Davis Dreamin'

Braden J & The Family
2010 - Davis Dreamin'

Braden J & The Family - 2010 - Davis Dreamin'

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Genre: Freak Folk, sixties jam music
Label: self

Braden J McKenna is one of the most featured artists here on DFBM. He released under a handful monikers and the newest incarnation is Braden J & The Family. Sounds like Charlie Manson and the Family, eh? And that's not so far away - musically!!! In music history, there where always * & The Family Bands, show a plethora of these (click) - The Carter Family, The Kelly Family :) ok...
So it's mostly connected to Folk, Jam music.
That's the way McKennas new project goes, a bunch of friends jam together and play ancient guitar chords.
Part of the family is Stag Hare on drums, who backed up Braden on his former Navigator project and who do mostly beatless and superb ambient music as Stag Hare. Andrew Alba and Jason Pulver are the other two members.
Bradens voice sounds a bit different, the music is laid back and relaxing. And now I run out of words and recommend you to check it out by yourself.


Worth to note, Navigator is gone away, as well as Magic Goat Music label, with all the downloads. Luckily you will find most of this great stuff here on the blog to download. If you miss something, write a comment, I will upload it. And check out Navigators "Bad Children" it's still awesome!
And Braden J McKenna started a new label called Inner Islands and offer you a great 7" with Stag Hare and WYLD WYZRDZ to buy. See the two, jamming on the beach, below.

Pure Hippies! Awesome :)

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