Islaja - 2010 - Pimeyttä kohti (Free Single)

2010 - Pimeyttä kohti (Free Single)

Islaja - 2010 - Pimeyttä kohti (Free Single)

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Genre: Finlandia Freak Folk (FFF)
Label: Fonal

Discovering Islaja yeas ago, leave me back with a strange feeling, discovering the Finnish Folk scene was even stranger. But always fascinating till annoying.
Islaja is one of the keyfigures of this movement and in some days her fifth album comes out (September 14th 2010) on Fonal.
On her Website you will find a free download of two tracks. And it's a really great teaser.
First track is a classic one with piano tunes, strange syntheticsounds, reverbed harmonicas and her singing in that outerworld sounding Finnish language. This is maybe always that exotic bonus of the north people (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland) to imagine that mystic Troll and Elfes stuff, right? Does anyone care about the same music from Czech, Poland, Estonia? Not that much I suppose!
Anyway - the second track is a remix, Kung Fu Dub Re-mixxx titled... And it's a great piece of hypnotic short loop, spacey sounds, echos and the jamaican dub feeling transferred to the colder northern hemisphere.
Reminds me a bit of the dark weird dub stuff from Wordsound Label (Dub-A-Delic, Dr. Israel) but this is the Dub of the white northern people :).
So check out this free goodie and be curious about the upcomming new Islaja release.

Nähdään pian!

Islaja: Pimeyttä kohti from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.

Download - Islaja Website


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