Big Blood - 2007 - The Grove

Big Blood
2007 - The Grove

Big Blood - 2007 - The Grove

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Genre: (Freak) Folk
Label: dontrusttheruin / FMA

Dark, Freaky Goth Folk music from a couple who are part of Fire On Fire. They made most of their music available via the Free Music Archiv and run their own label with beautiful screen printed cd-r editions.
I like The Grove because it's includes some nice field recordings. That's always a plus for me. Lot's of guitar, siren like singer, some drums, banjo. Great!

Take a listen to Beast (1 Beast) it's awesome driving and stomping psych folk singalong.

Strange Maine from Bad Blood is pretty awesome too!! Great stuff.

And a great CAN Cover:

Big Blood's MySpace - Blog - FMA


And if you on that trip, I strongly recommend The Uke of Spaces Corners. It's not their best album, but give it a listen and explore more later.

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