The Universe And Dr. Kaiser - 2010 - s/t

The Universe And Dr. Kaiser
2010 - s/t

The Universe And Dr. Kaiser - 2010 - s/t

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Genre: Singer Songwriter, Alt Country, Space Folk
Label:Strutt Records

I don't know anything about this project. It's maybe connected to a musicclub in West Michigan Kalamazoo. Son Drop play there in a few days ;-). I suppose this club release records too, or... I don't know. All I know is, someone send me a link, I load some mp3 and now try to find some words. Good words! But I think I fail and end in just some phrases like Recommended!.
I really like what I hear right now.
Gentle songs with acoustic guitar, some reverb and singing. This style is broke up by a rawer freaky alt country track Tight As A Can. But then it lay back to the calmer stuff.
The most remarkable track is the last 11 minutes long song, Chain. It starts as a nice typical singer-songwriter piece, but before you think it ends, it build up a great droning wall of sound in which the guitar get lost and a moog synth take over the scenery...
Fuck, I can't describe it :) - Check it, it's really worth to listen to it, only for this last track!

A unique blend of Beatlesque melodic sensibilities, ambient soundscapes, and swirling acoustic guitars, the record stands as the realization of years of experimentation and collaboration between songwriter and producer. More than ever Littler’s songwriting voice finds a home in the haze of effected keyboards, clarinets, and nylon string guitars.
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