Mixtape #8 - The World Spins

Mixtape #8
The World Spins

Mixtape #8 - The World Spins

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Genre: Folk, Post Punk, Psych, Electro, Pop, Lo-Fi

Seems to be a Twin Peaks related mixtape - but no, not really, beside the cover and the wonderful Julee Cruise song from the scene where the Laura Palmer murder was unveiled, it has nothing to do with Twin Peaks. Maybe the mixtures of different styles.
Some newer stuff like We Are Wolves, Brain Children and some older like Psychic TV (as link to my previous Alex Fergusson posts), Simply Saucer with a stomping, epic and louder Velvet Underground like track and Nightcrawlers with maybe a coverversion of a nice track called "Little Black Egg" (there exist different versions/covers of that song).
Hope you'll enjoy and find something new – and post comment if you like.

  1. The Babies - Meet Me In The City. - (The Babies)
  2. Dragging An Ox Through Water - Aces - (Rebukes!)
  3. Nightcrawlers - The Little Black Egg - (Nuggets Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 Cd2)
  4. Woods - Suffering Season - (Daytrotter Session - 10/7/2009)
  5. Julee Cruise - Rockin Back Inside My Heart - (Floating Into The Night)
  6. Alex Fergusson - Dark Angel - (The Castle)
  7. Simply Saucer - Illegal Bodies - (Cyborgs Revisited)
  8. We Are Wolves - Blue - (Invisible Violence)
  9. Brain Children - Lucky Land Of Skin
  10. Psychic TV - As Tears Go By - (25 December 1984 - A Pagan Day (Pages from a Notebook))
  11. Aaron Ross - Elevator Blues - (Shapeshifter)
  12. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Self Esteem - (Can't Maintain)
  13. Alex Fergusson - The Essence Of You - (The Essence)

Enjoy it

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