Little Gold - 2009 - On The Knife

Little Gold
2009 - On The Knife

Little Gold - 2009 - On The Knife

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Genre: Alt Country, Folk
Sounds not like Woods/Meneguar/Sheperds even if Christian DeRoeck was a member of them

Stumbled about this and some questions was answered. When I saw the latest videos or pictures of Woods, I always missed one guy I know from the backcover of the "At Rear House" CD. Well Christian DeRoeck disappeared some time ago and now he is back with his own project Little Gold.
As I said before it has not very much to do with the music of his former bands. You will get solid Alt. Country with slide guitar and violin. But if you listening closer you will find connections to his old bands. Julia and On The Knife are two brilliant tracks that are comparable to Woods. Very nice floating athmosphering tracks. Julia could be an adaption of Julias Dream by Pink Floyd?! Who knows...
I would sum up this release with a quote by Ballboy "I lost you, but I found Country Music"
You can order the deluxe vinyl edition in europe via the label or at Little Gold Website directly. So check it out! Really!

  1. Secret Handshake
  2. My Side Of The Bed
  3. Sympathy Chain
  4. Julia
  5. On The Knife
  6. Silver Clouds
  7. Roses
  8. Lock Me Up

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