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Moonwood - Trans Lunar/Martian Express

Trans Lunar/Martian Express

Moonwood from Canada are one of the most prolific psych projects these days. In the past months they released a bunch of great other worldly psych folk records and in between they switched from weird string instruments to synths and e-guitars and ph …
Moonwood - The Path

The Path

Genre: Psych Folk Label: Arachnidisc This is a split cassette with a live concert of Theo Angell on one side. Unfortunately I only know the Moonwood side, but it's fucking magnificent! If you remember, the River Ghost album was a mostly instrume …
Moonwood - River Ghost

River Ghost

Genre: Psych Folk, Experimental Label: Arachnidiscs Moonwood is multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger from Canada and he is a pretty prolific musican. Put out some great records in the past and River Ghost is his freshest one. Just released today …
Moonwood - 2009 - Aubade;2010 - Coal Aberrations

2009 - Aubade;2010 - Coal Aberrations

Genre: Psych Folk, instrumental Label: Arachnidiscs If you like six organs, amon düül, ashra temple, gowns etc pp We are back in town, after spending some nice days in the west. One cultural heavy day of museum hopping including awesome exhib …

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