dfbm #81 - Morning Raga Pt. VII

dfbm #81
Morning Raga Pt. VII

dfbm #81 - Morning Raga Pt. VII

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This mix was already made in January when not so much new music came in, so I dove into my library to pull out some releases I haven't listen to for a while.

It starts with a homage to Jack Rose, by Daniel Bachman when he was still performing under the name Sacred Harp. Downloading this album from some random blog back in 2010, got me hooked on this whole american primitive solo guitar stuff. I knew some Fahey and Basho, but Daniel made it accessible to me just by being able to get in contact with him. In 2011 I released the first vinyl 7" of Bachman on my label and five years later I am finally down to two copies of an edition of 300. Seven inches are a weird format. One loves it or doesn't care at all. Here is an interesting article about 7" singles

On a side-note, beside playing super fast in his early days, Bachman didn't use finger picks until the album Oh be Joyful in 2012, so it's sounding a bit less metallic and softer. Check out his early work and his live stuff with Ryley Walker.

With Ragtime Ralph, Peter Walker, Suni McGrath and Satwa I selected some veterans of the steel string guitar. Timeless and wonderful music.

Also don't miss the latest album by British guitarists C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis Split Electric. It's a great album where both artists translate their skills on acoustic guitars onto electric ones. And since I am in Europe, Norwegian guitarist Stein Urheim is one not to miss as well. On the intersection to jazz and electronic, he comes up with really interesting guitar sounds. Maurizio Abate from Italy is maybe better known for sometimes harsh, experimental acoustic guitar excursions. On Loneliness, Desire and Revenge he recorded a really beautiful solo acoustic guitar album that actually sounds as melancholy as the title suggest. What is Spoono doing by the way?

A sonic topic I personally love to explore (as a listener) is the isolated, lonesome sounding acoustic guitar in an empty room. Great examples for this is the solo recording of Rick Tomlinson on his album Night Time Recordings from Göteborg or the releases of outsider musician Zachary Hay in his different incarnations as Bronze Horse, The Dove Azima and Green Glass. It couldn't get more intense than being so close that you can hear the breathing, every movement on the hollow corpus of the guitar and the room itself. Filipe Felizardo's Of The Excrement And The Frog is a recent addition to this kind of sound I am searching for. If you have other examples, I am eager to hear them!

I don't need to tell you that Glenn Jones is a superb guitarist who is the go-to source for any Fahey or Basho research. A new album is in the making, but since my own musical path was informed by soundscapes and field recordings, I decided to pick a super amplified recording of Wind Chimes from his 2013 album My Garden State. Next time a guitar piece.


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On a side note - I use the service 8tracks since 5 years for uploading digital mixtapes. They decided to put a virtual fence around their service and provide full mixes only to users in North America and a crippled version via youtube streams to everyone outside. It's sad to see how the internet gets restricted after the hopeful promise of a world wide connecting web. And this is due to prehistoric copyright laws and the lobby that is connected to it. Services like sportify are not the solution they are part of the problem. The Free Music Archive, free form radio stations like WFMU, independent artists and the idea of an alternative copyright system  need our support!


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