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Moon Bros. - Frijolillo

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Moon Bros. is some sort of psych folk by Matthew Schneider, well known in Chicago's Free Jazz scene as "guitarist, stringed instrumentalist, carpenter, and an all round bad-asser"(source). It's the same scene or group of musicians that Ryley Walker is part of and it was actually he, who sent me this album some month ago. Maybe this is more some sort of a demo or a session, but nonetheless it's a wonderful collection of songs. Lots of fingerstyle wizardry (dropout), wind chimes, harmonica and little bit of singing (Wool Blankets) plus field recordings (distant sirenes and birds and bees). The overall vibe is the sunny and laidback psychedelia of Matthew De Gennaro (like in ALOFT) or The Skygreen Leopards.

Wonderful, not to miss recording for the ongoing summer.

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