Scott William Urquhart - Rosie's Smile EP

Recorded at Verden Studios, Edinburgh
Studio Engineer Gavin Fort
Mastered by Chris Hardman

For our Rosebud

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Scott William Urquhart
Rosie's Smile EP

Scott William Urquhart - Rosie's Smile EP

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Back to guitar business. Scottish guitarist Scott William Urquhart sent me his EP of lovely original solo guitar pieces. 

It starts pretty strong with a playful, uplifting tune, the title track, that alternates with a nice droning part.

The second song is in a darker mood. According to the internet the title is a Swahili proverb and means "Hurry, hurry, has no blessings." I can't tell if this piece is inspired by African music, but C. Joynes comes to my mind who also used musical elements from Africa in his solo guitar pieces. 

Urquhart recorded a strong debut and I am sure we will hear more of him in the future. His playing is very accomplished and his compositions are almost classical so this sounds like he has to write and play music.

Free to download from Scott William Urquhart's bandcamp.

I wonder if this ep refers to the tragical case of Rosie May that pop ups when you search the for her name. But then, the dates Urquhart mentioned on the bc page, are wrong... so I don't know. 

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