Psychic Lines ~ Everything Keeps Getting Brighter

EVERYTHING KEEPS GETTING BRIGHTER is the second album by Psychic Lines.

Phil Glauberzon performed, recorded and mixed most of it.
Track one, Ritual Mask, was mixed by Jason Meagher.

Zachary Cale and Kris Benedict played the electric guitar.
Alfra Martini and Reenee Gangopadhyay sang backup.
Dave Benjoya recorded the trombone.
James Dalton plucked the mandolin.
Anna Callner added the cello.

Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.

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Psychic Lines ~ Everything Keeps Getting Brighter

Psychic Lines ~ Everything Keeps Getting Brighter

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A week ago we had Zachary Cale over here in the Ore Mountains, together with his friend Phil Glauberzon who's playing keys in Cale's band and supports him on the organ, on their current Europe Tour (see dates).

Phil played 3 songs first and it was really surprising and mind blowing. I mean I had no expectations, beside a guy playing songs on a piano. But it was mesmerizing.

Psychic Lines - El Camino Largo (live)

Phil gave me his record and it was even more surprising listening to the full band arrangements. He is a great songwriter and I wonder why this record has almost no press. At least I didn't find anything.

This is for friends of The National, Grizzly Bear or early Arcade Fire who have no fear to try something new.

Go see Zachary and Phil on their Europe tour through France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain etc.

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