Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie

Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie

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Mostly electrified solo guitar tunes by Gabriel Slavitt from Philadelphia who is also working as an artist in the field of mixed media and sculpture.

The No Skinny Minnie ep is completely stripped down to a lonely sounding guitar in a room. Nonetheless it's a very enjoyable listen. It sounds like a meditation, but not in a boring Mark McGuire loopy-noodling style, more in Jandek style, but not as bleak and weird. Slavitt just blocked everything out and so there are no other sounds than his reverbed, fingerstyle played guitar.

On the other album, Final Words he's more in a kind of Garage Rock (beside some pretty nice solo guitar pieces) and the whole package reminds me a bit on the spectrum of Thee Oh Sees, from the beginning as OCS with Dwyers solo guitar work to The OhSees and finally Thee Oh Sees. Nah not really, but it came to my mind.

Devon McReynolds vocals on track 7
John Andrews drums on tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 8

"Took so Long" written by Devon McReynolds and arranged by GS
"There Will Never Be Another U2" adapted from Chet Baker

"Sleeper's Glory" available on 7" at:

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So I totally recommend this to you if you are into Fahey, Art and Skateboarding or at least two of the things (for myself I take out the skateboard)

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