Luke Hirst - Breaking The Hex

written/improvised by luke hirst
recorded live with no overdubs on the evening of 17/12/2013
recorded at the loom, yorkshire
engineered by grant henderson

luke hirst - guitar

this album is dark.
play it in the dead of night at mind numbing volume. wear headphones.

the loud bits are loud, the quiet bits are quiet.

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Luke Hirst
Breaking The Hex

Luke Hirst - Breaking The Hex

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With Farewell Adventures, Yorkshire based guitarist and if I remember right, music teacher, Luke Hirst introduced himself to a wider audience. It was a nice collection of well know solo guitar standards in best Takoma School fashion.

With Breaking The Hex he returns with a more consistent monolitic 4 track album. I would call it an album because it's almost 40 minutes of solo guitar work.

Even though there are not so much surprises here, it's a solid flow of steel string picking patterns with many changes in dynamics. It's more in vein of contemporary guitarists like Blackshaw or Six Organs and more in a darker mood. A perfect late night listening experience!

With Rejoice! The Hex Is Broken the album lifts the heavy curtains and comes up with a more uplifiting tune, like the sunbeams that creep through the morning mist.

I think this album is perfect to start a new year of DFBM blog posts. Isn't it?

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