Moon – s/t

recorded February/March 2013 with Charles Austin at the Echo Chamber. Tapes available at

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Moon – s/t

Moon – s/t

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Simple and trippy psych pop with a like for lengthy Krautock-excursions into the countryside and back. It also reminds me in its trippyness on the phantastic Sonic Youth album "Washing Machine".

The cassette closes with "Bliss" that borrows the fuzzy guitar sound of CAN's Michael Karoli for a bit - and you can clearly say, they know their shit.

So if Krautrock or Sonic Youth triggers something in you, then don't wait! It's really fun to listen to, with all the repetetive drum beats and melodies, the flangers and phasers, the recorder and the backward voices. And it has the charm of a live-studio recording.

Highest Recommendation!

PS: I just read the description to the tape on the label page and they basically say the same things. That's funny! And being smitten with that band just nails it!





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