Devin McCutchen – West Coast

Oak Leaf Rag and First Summer Night in San Francisco both recorded by SK Chow -

A few odds and ends from a few years back.

Dying for Bad Music said I ought to make this download-able (, so here it is.

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Devin McCutchen – West Coast

Devin McCutchen – West Coast

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Another fellow dedicated to american folk music. There is not so much information about him. He was playing in the indie folk group Band Practice/Party, but that's all I've found out. I think he's interested in history and studied that - at least that's what was creeping out of google.

So let's concentrate on the short album West Coast, which starts with the swift Oak Tree Rag. The next track, St. Johns Bridge is kind of a sound painting, where he's using wind instruments to imitate approaching trains. Or ships? I cannot say, but it's really impressive.
First Summer Night in San Francisco is an enjoyable fingerpicking guitar miniature.
Chautauqua Wagons is probably my favorite track. A ponderous, droney piece on harmonium and with some slightly dissonant pulled steel strings and lots of rumblings in the middle. The melodie sounds quite familiar to me, is this "Amazing Grace"? The closing track is a nice slide/fingerpicking piece.

I really enjoy listening to this EP and I wonder why it's just parked on bandcamp without any infomation, because it's great.

So maybe if Devin reads this, he might turn on the download.

Band Bractice/Part - Picture Yourself

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