Sean Proper - Canal Machinery

produced by Kevin McCombs at Empty Set Studios

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Sean Proper
Canal Machinery

Sean Proper - Canal Machinery

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Dark 12 and 6 string guitar tunes from "The Sunshine State" Florida.

This is a very promising recording by a young guy from Sarasota, FL playing fingerstyle steelstring guitar in the New School way. I have no idea if there is something like New School, but this is definitely more in vein of younger guitarists like Daniel Bachman, Cam Deas or Seabuckthorn than Fahey or even Jack Rose. And I would sum up Sean's music as a conglomerat of these three guys.

Even if this release feels more like a demo, because of its minimalism (no titles, liner notes or a proper cover) it leaves a really good impression to me.

It's fee to download on his bandcamp along with some live recordings and some more droney tunes.

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