Sashash Ulz - Out Of The Fog


This album is dedicated to Kisya.
Recorded by Sashash Ulz on 4 track analogue tape in 2012, Petrozavodsk.

Mastered for cassette tape by Michael Amason at Cookies 'N Cream Records Inc. (Brooklyn)

Sashash Ulz is the folky lamentation of mountains, the calming roar of acoustic expression, the decadent reverb of memories.

Coming to the shores of America from the Russian Federation, Cookies 'N Cream is proud to put out this gem of acoustic, halcyonic, tape-fed rumination.

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Sashash Ulz
Out Of The Fog

Sashash Ulz - Out Of The Fog

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This could be the perfect Christmas music for me.
Sacral lo-fi folk from russia. Lots of pipe organ, reverb and field recordings. He released a bunch of tape so far and this was released by the American tape label Cookies 'N Cream Records. You will find a nice interview with him on their site, which will shed some light on the work of this young guy from Russia.

Out of the Fog reminds me a bit on Einstürzende Neubauten - Stella Maris

For now, visit his website and listen to this great release.

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