Mikah Sykes - Love Consequences and Serenity

Emily Kokal: vox, guitar, organ, & magic
Jacob Wilson: guitar, percussion, vocals

Johann Nilsson: production, vox, guitar, arrangements

John Moen: bass, drums

Frankie Palmer: pedal steel

Bob Schwenkler: drums

Nate Lumbard: clarinet

Susan Reilly: cello

Paloma Udovic: violin

Justin Higgins: percussion, whistling

Produced and/or engineered by John Frusciante, Bob Schwenkler, Grant Fairbrother, Dave Pulliam, Kae Ito, Jacob Arnold, Justin Higgins, and Jacob Wilson

This album is dedicated to Jacob Wilson, who inspired me deeply as a musician and as an animal, and his bandmates Drummer (Lisa Schoenberg) & Adam Oelsner, whom altogether are the band called Kickball. Thanks for the years of magical house shows & wild nights of whisky fueled shenanigans (Jacob) throughout our Pacific Northwest & beyond -

These songs were recorded at John Frusciante's home studio in Los Angeles, Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Evergreen State College in Olympia, Old Standard Sound in Downtown Portland, my bedroom in the basement at Old Standard Sound, & my bedroom The Cartoon Bungalow in Portland, OR 97215 between 2006 & 2011.

“Bad Feelings" and "Shadow In The Valley" were produced and recorded by Johann Nilsson aka DOS.putin in the Electro-Bus (bassmobile.org) when it was parked outside the Nightmare Collective in Forest Grove, Oregon and at least three other locations.

"Arctic Explorer" is by Swimming from Olympia, WA, and was written by Michelle Lamanet.

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Mikah Sykes
Love Consequences and Serenity

Mikah Sykes - Love Consequences and Serenity

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36 tracks on an album is a bit overwhelming - isn't it? But in case of Mikah Sykes digital album it is totally ok. His songs range from simple folk tunes over excellent sound experiments/ambient  to nice electronic pop so you never get distracted from listen to this album. And to drop some names, it was partly recorded in John Frusciante's home studio in Los Angeles or K Records/Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington.

For A Love My Grace is such a wonderful and lovely piece of Chamber Pop. The clarinet, the bass, the fingerpicking and the light jazzy drums makes it just perfect.

Mikah Sykes - For A Love My Grace

Other noteable songs are the ballade U Broke My Heart N 2, the electronic pop of A Shadow in the Valley (featuring Badsector) or the beautiful forward/backward experimental folktronic piece 3/2.

So get this album for $1 minimum and it will bring you joy for hours, which is priceless.

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