Sexy Merlin - s/t

Sexy Merlin

Sexy Merlin - s/t

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Genre: urban gamelam funk, post funk punk
Label: Pleasence Records

I found this at Weird Canada and there is nothing more to add to what they wrote:
Forget about drum ‘n’ bass, this is drum ‘n’ drum. Sexy Merlin (the man on the traps for Foxfire, Mausoleum and White Suede) is a one-man Liquid Liquid jamming the urban gamelan like it’s his birthday and the sticks are made of glitter. This mad (wizard) hatter freaks the funky beat and leaves witches grinding in the coven.
via Weird Canada
[mp3] Sexy Merlin - Shannon
[mp3] Sexy Merlin - Charlotte

Yesmix by sexy merlin

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