Golden Brown - Lonesome

Stefan Beck: guitars, lap steel, coffin, teddy bear
Sara Jean Stotts: cello, voice

All songs by Stefan Beck except Wild Bill Jones (traditional).

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Golden Brown

Golden Brown - Lonesome

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Genre: Minimal Folk laid-back guitar sound
Label: None/Bandcamp

The name of this band first reminded me of the wonderful song by The Stranglers (watch here, sorry there was only this video for the original song accept from live-versions), but the music of "Golden Brown" is just as beautiful, although I don´t want to compare both (would be impossible).
This is some wonderful minimalistic folk stuff with some nice lo-fi elements. On the one side it´s kept to the minimum, but on the other one it happens enough so that it never becomes boring.
Quite stunning that 2 people can create such intensive, laid-back, calming sound while it seems they´re obviously doing as few as possibly. But Stefan Beck playing guitars, lap steel, coffin and teddy bear (??) and Sara Jean Stotts playing Cello and singing in just a few songs seem to do much more than the obvious things with their music.


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