Big Blood - Big Blood & The Wicked Hex

Big Blood
Big Blood & The Wicked Hex

Big Blood - Big Blood & The Wicked Hex

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# folk
Genre: Folk
Label: don´t trust the ruin / limited vinyl edition @ phase!mag

Thanks to the FMA we finally got the new release from Big Blood called "Big Blood & the Wicked Hex". The album comes up with their unique folk style somewhere between epic or sometimes almost annoying wilderness and lo-fi-attitude, conscious of "crooked-sounding" and using the harmonium or other sounds besides the "classical" drum-bass-guitar-instrumentation and of course, Colleens special voice, which I really like, but others perhaps would consider as annoying.
After all, the album ends up with this wondeful, epic, stunning masterpiece called "water". They saved the best up to the end. I can´t tell what makes it that special, perhaps this solemn and soothing atmosphere created by the slow tempo and Colleens high, opera-style-voice. Incredibly epic! :-)

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