Nine Hunters

Machinery - Nine Hunters

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Genre: Folky Indy Posty Punky
Label: Crystal Country
Like the inside of a howling phantom, Machinery’s sound is passionate, foot stomping alt-folk indie that will haunt your basements and front porches for days. “We make the music we want to hear.”
There is not much more to add, just it's an great album full of variations. Parade Of Hearts (which is the best track) with it's awesome eighties post punk/wave bassline must make move your bod. Morning Eyes is in the same vein and pushing you more forward. Blackbones on the other side is a slow, smoldering, thick piece of smoke, with a repeating banjo line and some electronic doodling at the end.
Awesome album, as well as their other EP on bandcamp
Send them some money to download the album in high quality or use the download link from the labelpage.


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