Sean Nicholas Savage - 2011 - Tripple Midnight Karma

Sean Nicholas Savage
2011 - Tripple Midnight Karma

Sean Nicholas Savage - 2011 - Tripple Midnight Karma

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Genre: sexual psychedelic soul music
Label: Arbutus

I admit that I´m not good at describing music at all (good that i´m writing for this blog...anyways...), but especially when I´m not 100% into it (only 99%). And because i´m lazy, too (just to let you know some of my good qualities...) and there´s nothing left to add as it is true, I´ll just share the information the label gave us with this great new record:

It's about time for a Sean Nicholas Savage album! Welcome Trippple Midnight Karma a piece of sexual and psychedelic soul music.

Savage returns to his bedroom studio the first time since his early work (Summer 5000, Here Comes the Future and explores finger rhythm, synth, guitar solos and his own vocal harmony. All synthetic sounds on the album are played through, not sequenced, by Savage off his girlfriend's keyboard circa 1990, and all guitar is soloed directly into the computer. But producer Sebastian Cowan stepped onto the scene, and the two laid heavy effects onto all tracks, and mixed the entire album on Cowan's tape machine at La Brique in Montreal.

The songs are heavily influenced by late Marvin Gaye ("Sexual Healing"), yet contain graceful Sean Nicholas Savage melodies throughout. Under the late night party/background vibe of the album hides a real dark confusion, expressed unusually in the happy chords of "Getting To Know Myself": "When I was young/I knew exactly who I was/But now I can't/tell you who I am". Other hits include "Someone's got a Secret" and "Common Be Happy" -- Latin/Reggae rhythms with classic Savage vocals marry The Police, Motown and the 90's.

more impressions at bandcamp

With all that groovy oooohs, aaaahs und uuuuhs and for his falsetto voice I would give it a 8/10

You can download by optional donation or buy the cassette here

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