The Skywalkers
2010 - Year One

The Skywalkers - 2010 - Year One

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Genre: Freak Beat
Label: self

Yeah, this is the shit. Two young men from the Netherlands travel back in the past, stopped at Suicide's rehearsal just to take away their farfisa organ and travel far back to the mid sixties when all these obscure psychedelic beat bands popped up like mushrooms.
If you are into The Zombies or even more unknown obscure stuff from this time, this is for you.
It sounds so authentic and fresh and catchy. Really my cup of tea. And with the heavy use of squeaky vintage organs you always get a place in my heart.

Just to get a sense for their reference
[mp3] Master's Aprentices - Wars, Or Hands Of Time
[mp3] The In-Sect - I Can See My Love
[mp3] The Skywalkers - Reincarnation

Reincarnation is an awesome esoteric and eccentric piece of dope!

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