Meric Long (The Dodos) - 2011 - Drone 2

Meric Long (The Dodos)
2011 - Drone 2

Meric Long (The Dodos) - 2011 - Drone 2

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Genre: (in this case: drone, otherwise:) Indie Folk/Pop
Label: Wichita/

Here we´ve got a wonderful 10 minute drone song by Meric Long, singer of the beloved folk/pop (currently again)duo The Dodos.
It was part of the "Behind the Scenes" Video (watch it below) they did for the upcoming new album called "No Color" (cover art above) which will be released on March 14. I´m really looking forward to it :-)

You might say the song is nothing special. In comparison to 30 minute-improvisation-drones by lesser known and experienced artists from this genre it´s actually not. But I think you can totally lose yourself (if this is a sign for good ehm bad music) in this tiny guitar melody with noise-drone-background or imagine how Meric did while playing the song...

get it here

dodos website (with upcoming tourdates) and myspace


here you can see the whole video (with recording impressions):

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