United Bible Studies - 2010 - The Kitchen Session

Recorded in Knockananna, Co. Wicklow, July 22nd 2010. This is Deserted Village record No. 39

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United Bible Studies
2010 - The Kitchen Session

United Bible Studies - 2010 - The Kitchen Session

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Genre: Psych Folk
Label: Desert Village
If you like Big Blood or the Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree

Ho ho ho. I hope you had a nice xmas eve with some colorful wrapped gifts, meat and eat and all that stuff. Maybe you listen to some records that you given to yourself, or wearing your new sock. However.
The United Bible Studies, a Folk collective from Ireland, put up some stuff onto bandcamp for free.
Two older releases The Lunar Observatory and Stations Of The Sun, Transits Of The Moon.
The first one is more experimental, avantgarde and the latter one is pretty good intimate Chamber Folk.
But these are old and cold. Let's look at the latest and hottest stuff, the four Kitchen Session tracks which are really beautiful and organic Folk songs.
Sometimes fuzzy and dreamy sometimes down to earth. It's like they playing just for you in your room.
'The Kitchen Session' was recorded in one take during downtime whilst recording the forthcoming UBS album in Co. Wicklow. It features new versions of songs from 'Huntly Town EP', 'The Shore That Fears The ...Sea' and 'The Jonah'
Magickal Folk music for the woods people. Good while carving some runes in your parents xmas tree.
Check out the driving The Lowlands of Holland it's beautiful, as the whole session.

Download free at Bandcamp


PS: We get some ice flowers from the Das Klienicum blog - a great german blog with daily news and mp3. Thank you!

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