Sean Nicholas Savage - 2010 - Movin Up In Society

Recorded in a cold, brick room, on real 2 real machine with Sebastian Cowan, this marks his command of classic ballad music. The sound is a return to the straightforward approach of his earlier recordings, while the songwriting clearly demonstrates the depth and thought of his more recent music.

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Sean Nicholas Savage
2010 - Movin Up In Society

Sean Nicholas Savage - 2010 - Movin Up In Society

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Genre: classic weird pop
Label: Arbutus

This is amazing classic pop music. You wouldn't put this in this decade if you hear it the first time. It sounds like Roy Orbison and the stuff your parents may heard (depending on how old you are, your grandparents) when they were young.
It's all recorded on an eight track reel-to-reel tape maschine and full of sweet melodies and arrangements. See a video about the recording below.
The canadian label Arbutus release it as a tape which is now sold out and free for the people to download.
Listen to Gemini Heart or Giant in the Sky and you must fall instantly in love with these tunes. The package contains the lyrics so you can sing along.

Download Moving Up In Society for free

Bandcamp - Labelsite

There is another Record by Sean Nicolas Savage up on Arbutus Records, which revive the whole eighties Disco sound. And the label is so kind to provide it as "per Donation" download so go to their site and explore some really good music (and buy records)! (Tip Blue Hawaii and Pop Winds - you will love it too!)

Sean Nicholas Savage - Disco Dancing by Arbutus Records

Credits for introducing Sean Nicolas Savage goes to Said The Grammophone! Find there another great track about snow. Lovely little thing!
Sean Nicholas Savage - "Snowflake"

Edit: More awesomeness from some older album
Here She Comes (via Weird Canada)
and 3 more tracks

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