Birdengine - 2010 - The Crooked Mile

2010 - The Crooked Mile

Birdengine - 2010 - The Crooked Mile

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Genre: dark haunting folk
Label: Thee Evil Twin

Birdengine is the project by Lawry Joseph Tilbury and he is one of my favorites, even if it needs a special mood to listen to his dark laments. His new album is out now digitally on bandcamp to buy and nearly fully streamable. It should come out as physical release next year. And I think it's really worth to buy it.
It's a great progression from his first demos, which contained mostly creepy soundcollages over the great I Fed Thee Rabbit Water and The Black Dictaphone with sparse dark acoustic songs to the current The Crooked Mile. It starts energic with the track Phantom Limb which is, as parts of the album, backed by drums and organs and shifts his music into a new and maybe better accessible direction. No Arms No Friends is also a great driving track. But most tracks on the album are these dark folk songs with a twist of french varieté music.

Birdengines music is the nightmarish destiny of Amélie Poulain!

I think I will play this album on christmas eve, drink some cheap red wine and tumble outside sleeping in the snow... I am joking.

Great work, highly recommended!

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