Big Blood - 2010 - Dark Country Magic

Big Blood
2010 - Dark Country Magic

Big Blood - 2010 - Dark Country Magic

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Genre: Psychedelic Folk
Label: Don't Trust The Ruin

This collective have such a great output. And they are so nice to wrap it in beautiful prints to buy the stuff or put it up free on the awesome Freemusicarchiv. So to their 4th. anniversary of Big Blood released a new record on their own label - Don't Trust The Ruin - Dark Country Magic.
And it's again a mix in all shades of brown and orange. Noises in the background, electric guitars, stomping beats and the expressive singingvoice of Asian Mae or Colleen Kinsella (? I don't know)*.
Including some weird spoken words performance by kids.
Nothing more to add Big Blood are BIG!

Tip: ... Is All We Have

You can Buy it here on Etsy - or download it for free here along with tons of other releases from them, including a tape from 2010)


* "Colleen Kinsella (or her alter-ego Asian Mae)" source

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