James Marshall - 2010 - Woods Music

James Marshall
2010 - Woods Music

James Marshall - 2010 - Woods Music

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Genre: Homerecording Freak Pop
Label: self
If you like Elephant Six, Animal Collective and all the other animal related stuff including the Beach Boys ;-)

Sometimes I ask myself, should I really listen and even post every fart that comes out a kids warm bedroom?
In these days, technology especial music software, democratize the music scene. 20 years ago you have to pay lot of money to buy a TASCAM 4 track recorder to produce some demo songs. Now you can work with professional recording software for free. Or just use an Open Source Audio Tool like Audacity.
22 years old James Mashall did so and he recorded a really playful and exciting demo by himself.
Full of melodies and references to psychedelic pop music.
Ok, Elephant Six Collective stuff have got a strong reference to Sixties Pop Music and if one refer to E6 then it's a reference to The Beatles, Beach Boys and similar.
Anyway - give it a listen and get a ticket to ride on an old rattly merry-go-round.
Oh, worth to mention that he comes from Austin/Texas and as far as I know Texas brought a lot good music to light!

Country Life by James Marshall

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No MySpace (?) and shit just Soundcloud and here the mediafired zipped album


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